Teambuilding Venues in Laguna

Laguna is such a rich province with so many natural, cultural and historical attractions. They also have vast open spaces perfect to set up camps and resorts. There are many venues for teambuilding in Laguna.

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Here is a list of our partner Camps in Laguna


1. Caliraya Resort

    Location: Lumban, Laguna

Outdoor Game Facilities Available in Caliraya Resort:

Wall Climbing Facility
Fly Pinoy Zipline
Tennis Court (Tru-flex)
Basketball with ball
Volleyball (Grass) w/ ball
Playing Field
Soccer Ball
Earth Ball
Soft Ball
Slip n Slide
Obstacle Course
Wishing Well
Slide Pinoy
Rainbow Pass
Fishing (Fishpond)
Horseback Riding


Water Facilities

Jet ski
Ferry boat

Ski Board
Knee Board
Weight Board
High Chair



Zorb Ball
Water Roller Balls

2. Casa San Pablo

Location: San Pablo City, Laguna

3. The Forest Club

 Location: Bay, Laguna


*Disclaimer: All images and information of resorts are borrowed and credited to resort/camp’s official website site and social media site. They reserve the right to their photos and information.