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TeambuildingManila is a company that focuses on providing best possible teambuilding and group event services to our clients.

Our purpose is to promote the importance of teambuilding in organizations and provide suited venues according to clients’ requirements.

We believe in the value of Fun Play as means of building and strengthening teams among other activities.

TeambuildingManila envisions to be the leader for teambuilding in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

TeambuildingManila is a sister brand of Travelpal – a Travel agency and Online booking site under Filforward Web Solutions based in Quezon City.

We believe our experience and network will provide great help for clients’ purpose, objectives and requirements.

Our heart is to provide the best service to our clients. We continuously develop ourselves including our team and processes to make sure we are able to provide the best possible service to our clients.


TeamBuilding Manila Logo

Our logo symbolizes a team’s strength and beauty through the diversity of its team members.

We believe difference is not a weakness. Each member is different and unique in their skills, ideas, beliefs and personality. But with UNITY and TEAMWORK, all these differences make a team better and stronger. Many different hands become ONE strong hand that can do anything and everything.


TeamBuilding ants
TeambuildingManila salutes the Ants!

We look up to them. Yes, small as they are, they are God’s one of the most amazing creations that defy gravity in demonstrating the power of teamwork regardless of circumstances.

That is why in most of our collaterals and website articles, we use Ants to inspire and encourage teams and individuals to push through in Unity inspite of challenges. If the ants can do it, so can we!